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During the last nine months, the skin on your belly has been stretched to its limits. Now that your baby has arrived, your belly is smaller but, unfortunately, your skin is still stretched and saggy. Discover innovative solutions to recover a flat and toned stomach.


- Cutaneous relaxation with age, menopause, post-pregnancy or after weight loss
- On the body: loss of stomach tone, crepiness or floppiness of the arms or thighs, ageing to the back of the hands.


By using a radiofrequency current - according to the same principle of radio waves - the subcutaneous tissues are heated down to the hypodermis without damaging the skin surface. This production of heat leads to a contraction and reorganisation of collagen in all dimensions (3D effect). As a result, the skin becomes firmer, is remodelled and the quality of the dermis is improved. The collagen matrix approaches its original structure. On the treated area, the skin is obviously tightened and appears younger.



Only one session is required. The treatment may be repeated in the future and combined with other aesthetic medical procedures during the same session or performed separately


- Immediately after the procedure, the skin is smoother and softer due to collagen contraction.
- Skin tone is improved by collagen remodelling.


Advantages of the technique

- The face and all areas of the body where the skin tends to be slack are able to be treated without surgery or anaesthesia.
- It is suitable for all skin tones.
- It requires only one session.
- There are few, if any, side effects.
- There is no recovery time.

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Fractional laser treatment smooths the surface of the skin, reducing scars and certain stretch marks. This technique can be used on the face and body. It is suitable for both women and men and, according to the indication, all ages of life.

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