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Fractional laser treatment smooths the surface of the skin, reducing wrinkles as well as attenuating scars and certain stretch marks. This technique can be used on the whole of the face and body. It is suitable for both women and men and, provided it is indicated, for all ages.


- Fine to moderate wrinkles.

- Anti-ageing: face, neck, décolletage and backs of hands.

- Various scars.

- Certain types of stretch marks.

- Melasma (unaesthetic hormonal pigmentation of the face) or other pigment disorders.




The fractional laser works according to the principle of the photothermolysis. This very recent technique cleverly delivers the light energy of the laser in multiple microscopic columns through the skin while preserving bridges of unaffected skin around each of these columns. This means that a truly deep treatment is provided, up to the level of ablative therapies, but with very rapid healing (four to five days) and reduced recovery time. This technique may require more than one session for sufficient results, but does not require major anaesthesia.




4 sessions in general; a doctor will decide how far apart they should be spaced.



- The total appearance of the skin is visibly improved on the face and the body.

- Anti-ageing: reduces wrinkles and imperfections on the skin.

- Anti-scarring: uses the skin's own healing process to create a new healthy fabric which blends in scars. 

- Immediate: the skin is sealed within 24 hours and the remodelling process begins.

- Delayed: the optimal results are gained within 6 months.



- May be used to treat both face and body.

- Does not usually require any major anaesthesia.

- Accelerated healing and reduced recovery time.

- Social and professional activities are only interrupted for a short while (0-5 days).

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