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How to treat them?


Some parts of the body are more sensitive to aging effects than others. Neck, chest, arms or hands often reveal the real age of a person. In order to avoid a big difference, techniques without surgery exist allowing to find a beautiful harmony between the face and the rest of the body.



Over time, the skin of the hands becomes thiner, the veins and tendons appear gradually by transparency and brown spots. appear. It is then necessary to restore volume and harmonize their pigmentation.

For the volume, hyaluronic acid injections are used to thicken the dermis and give a "fuller" effect. It is also possible to practice Lipofilling method which uses the patient's own fat taken from the abdominal belt in order to reinject it on the hands, giving them a fully appearance on the long term.

Regarding brown spots, they can be effectively removed thanks to the use of last generation lasers in a few sessions.




Loss of skin tone, fat accumulation, the arms are also affected by aging and become more flaccid. Depending on the extent of the imperfections, the techniques are personalized. The technique of Cryolipolysis, allows without surgery to melt the fat thanks to the use of the cold. To redefine the shape and tone the skin, the concept of regenerating threads Haute Couture by Clinic Lémanic that visibly restores the whole while significantly improving the quality of the skin. Finally for more important indications, we can use a more invasive treatment by liposuction then lifting to eliminate the fats and to tighten the skin.




Neck and chest are among the most fragile areas. Regularly exposed to the sun and very sensitive to the ageing process, the thin and low-sebum skin of these areas is dehydrated and can display fine lines and a wrinkled appearance. The Haute Couture regenerative threads associated with techniques such as mesotherapy (injections of revitalizing active substances) has impressive results. The skin is tightened, smoothed and gets visibly of better quality.

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