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This method achieves a very deep skin's exfoliation. It is ideal for skins prone to acne or damaged skin. Microdermabrasion gives an improved skin texture and smooths the appearance of the skin’s surface. This is immediately visible after the first treatment. This is also an effective treatment for scars and suitable for people with darker skins for whom other more radical methods of treatment are not recommended.



- Retentional acne (blackheads)
- Skin imperfections
- Enlarged pores
- Rough skin
- Dull complexion
- Scar treatment (face and body), for all skin types


Medical Microdermabrasion is a painless technique that cleans the skin area deeply by removing dead or damaged cells, it stimulates blood microcircualtion as well as natural production of collagen.The necessary abrasive action is obtained by projecting micro-crystals onto the skin, which are immediately reabsorbed into the machine. The equipment that is manufactured for medical use is more powerful that those used in traditional beauty clinics, and can be used for other parameters, giving excellent results in the correction of scarring.



- Smooth skin from the first treatment.
- A radiant complexion from the first treatment.
- Tightened pores
- Improvement of scarring.

Advantages of the technique

- Painless (no anaesthetic required).
- Patient can resume normal activities, with no recovery time.
- The only undesirable effect is temporary redness.
Interesting facts
- Used as a cleansing method, medical microdermabrasion (the most powerful method) boasts the advantage of being painless, whilst being a more radical method than traditional skin cleansing
- For scars, this treatment is often associated with other techniques and used in conjunction with specifically adapted programmes. This is discussed in a preliminary consultation with the specialist dermatologist at the Lémanic Clinic.

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