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A new approach of surgical facelift, the PERFECT LIFT 21 by Clinic Lémanic suspension concept is ideal in cases when a more important repositioning of face volumes is required. It offers a spectacular tightening effect, very natural with long-lasting results (several years) to the face and neck, without the inconvenience of surgery!



- Repositioning face volumes
- Raising the cheekbones
- Treatment of theneck ptosis
- Redefinition of the oval shape of the face
- Skin and subcutaneous ageing
- Eyebrow enhancement
- Neck rejuvenation
- Treatment of nasolabial folds and bitterness folds
- Repositioning of jugo-malar fat


The technique

Thanks to their elasticity, these suspension threads behave like ligaments. Placed under the dermis of the areas to be treated, the tension spreads over the entire length, allowing tissue support and muscular mobility to be maintained. This flexibility makes it possible to obtain a very natural and long-lasting result.


Results :

-  Raised cheekbones
-  Removal of nasolabial folds and bitterness folds
-  Softened wrinkles
-  Raised eyebrows
-  Redefined oval shape of the face
-  Rejuvenated neck

Advantages :

-  Minimally invasive technique
-  Very natural and durable results

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