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A beautiful and healthy skin thanks to light therapy!

LED photomodulation is the most recent branch of non-thermal light therapy to be used in dermatology and the cosmetic industry in the past ten years. Originally used by NASA for its capacity to increase wound healing speed for astronauts, LED light then became the subject of numerous research projects and laboratory studies, which confirmed its efficacy and saw encouraging results in various different medical fields.



- Skin slackening
- Wrinkles and fine lines
- Light to moderate acne 
- Stretch marks and scars 
- Post-operative healing
- Hair loss
- Rosacea
- Post-surgical inflammation


The technique

The light emitted by the LEDs on certain specific wavelengths stimulates the cells of the epidermis and dermis. As a general rule, the longer the wavelength used, the deeper the light penetrates the skin and tissues. However, every type of cell or tissue has its own absorption characteristics; deciding on the wavelength used and the dose given is therefore of vital importance. During the session, the LED light is applied a certain distance from the face or the area to be treated: up to 10 minutes, depending on the indication, for clean skin with no make-up. Wearing protective glasses is recommended. 


The programme

This depends on the indication. More often than not, the number of sessions is 2 or 3 per week; depending on the chosen application, the duration of treatment can vary between 2 weeks (post-surgical healing), 4 weeks (inflammation) and 12 weeks (anti-ageing, acne).


The results

Photomodulation, which is considered to be a "soft" treatment, modulates natural biological mechanisms. Unlike more invasive techniques, patients have to wait some time to observe its effects. This technology has proven effective in the treatment of various different skin complaints – acne, rosacea, skin ageing, redness, inflammation, scars and stretch marks – by offering deep action.


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The advantages of the technique

Photomodulation based on LED technology offers the notable advantage of being safe and non-invasive. Indeed, LEDs emit "cold" light, which does not produce any heat, redness or other undesirable side effects. This technology has been used by aesthetic doctors and dermatologists for years.

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