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This ultrasound treatment helps rejuvenate medium and deep skin layers. It is designed for patients with loose skin on the cheeks, eye area and brows, for double chins and for facial contours in need of definition. Ultherapy works to visibly and naturally improve average slackening conditions and can also be used as a preventive anti-ageing treatment.



  • Prevention of ageing (helps maintain and stimulate tone).

  • Skin loosening caused by ageing, menopause or after weight loss.
    On the face: loss of facial contour definition, tired-looking eyes, sagging neck.
    On the body: loss of stomach or leg tone, crepiness on inner arms and thighs.



This technique makes it possible to visualise and then treat target areas using the same device. Similar to an ultrasound scan, an applicator is placed on the skin to show what is happening below the surface on a screen. Then, the applicator is used to diffuse heat beneath the epidermis, exactly where it is needed, in order to produce a firming effect without damaging the surface. Stimulated by this energy, the skin will produce new collagen, which results in a natural tightening effect. An additional handpiece helps reduce subcutaneous fat deposits.



One session is sufficient for most cases. The treatment can be repeated at another time, and combined with other medical aesthetic procedures during the same intervention or at a different time.



  • The appearance is immediately more youthful: skin on the face appears tightened, the cheekbones and brow bones seem lifted, eyes look more open, the facial contour looks redefined and double chins appear clearly diminished.

  • Toning effect on skin (collagen remodelling).

  • Skin rejuvenation effects are visible after two to three months.


Advantages of this technique

  • Ability to treat the face and all areas of the body where skin tends to slacken, without surgery or anaesthesia.

  • Suitable for all phototypes (fair to black skin).

  • Performed in one session.

  • No follow-up treatment.

  • No recovery time.

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