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Laser treatment for benign brown patches

Laser treatment is the most fast and effective treatment for various benign skin pigmentation issues, such as brown age spots or sun damage on the hands, face and body. The same techniques can be applied to pigmentation of various origin (post inflammatory for example) and other particular conditions (nevus of Ota, Becker’s nevus, café au lait spots).



- Brown benign skin marks of the face and body (lentigo).
- Benign pigmentation of diverse origin.
- Nevus of Ota and other nevi.


Pigmentary lasers allow selective elimination of undesired benign brown marks on the face and body by sweeping over the skin with the chosen light. The procedure is fast and simple and carries no risk of scarring. No anaesthetic is required and there is no need to alter one’s daily routine.



Usually only one treatment is necessary, apart from nevi.



- Elimination of pigmentation marking.
- Very good skin quality post-treatment.


Advantages of the technique

- The treatment is fast and requires no preparation.
- All areas of the face and body can be treated.
- No residual scarring (as may be the case with liquid nitrogen).


Interesting facts
- A reaction to the laser may be visible for a few days.
- A high protection sun screen must be used for three months post treatment.
- It is imperative that the diagnosis of the pigmented lesions is made by a dermatologist before laser treatment to ensure treatment is not performed on a malignant tumour such as a melanoma.

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