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Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery

Breast Treatments

Breast augmentation

Increasing the volume of the breasts with an implant is a very simple surgical operation… and yet it produces one of the most beautiful results in cosmetic surgery! The discrete scars are generally hidden under the breast or around the areola. This operation, which is a short procedure, is performed under general anaesthesia.


Breast reduction 

Decreasing the size of overly-large breasts can be life-changing, as is returns freedom of movement. With time, after a pregnancy or weight loss, the breasts (small or large) may also subside. Sagging breasts can be lifted or asymmetric breasts or nipples can be corrected. These interventions, performed under general anaesthesia, give very good results, although the resulting scars are somewhat visible.


Breast reconstruction

There are several modern technologies which make it possible to successfully reconstruct a breast which has undergone surgery, for example after cancer. This intervention, performed under general anaesthesia, requires a short hospital stay and several days of convalescence.

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