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Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-ageing

Face Lift by Lift6® (LPG®)

The efficiency of the Endermologie® technique in fighting cellulite has been recognised. Not only is this method highly effective in this field, but it is also now being used on the face, throat and chest for remodelling and giving a natural lifting effect.

  • Loss of the oval shape of the face.
  • Tissue slackness.
  • Dull and lined skin.
  • Infiltrated skin.

Patented treatment heads are applied to the skin sending out a constant regular micro-tapping movement during the 40 minute treatment.

Each part of the skin receives a major stimulation in 3 dimensions: vertically, tangentially and transversally, defying gravity.

  • Treatment of 12 sessions: an hour twice a week for 6 weeks.
  • Topping up: once or twice a month.

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