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Medical Dermatology

Golden Rejuvenation

This is a method of painless electroridopuncture, with periodic pulsing current, made possible by sweeping 18ct gold electrodes across the surface of the skin. This procedure is beneficial in the fight against cutaneous ageing and the treatment of scars. Dr Simonin’s method can be used alone, or after a chemical peel, laser resurfacing or facelift.


  • Loss of the skin’s elasticity (face, neck and chest).
  • Dermal thinning.
  • All forms of scarring.


Electrodes are passed over the skin according to each individual case. Depending on the region and the indication, a bipolar tool, a monopolar triangle or a cylindrical roller is used.


  • An average of 10 treatments for anti-ageing therapy, to be repeated once or twice a year.
  • 6 to 8 treatments for scars.


  • Cutaneous firming (face and chest).
  • Toned and beautified skin.
  • Anti-ageing effect.
  • Decreased scarring (all types).

Advantages of the technique

  • Possible for all skin types.
  • Well-tolerated.
  • No known side effects.
Interesting facts
  • This treatment is totally painless. Due to technical improvements, the electrodes are now applied externally and no longer internally.

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