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Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-ageing


A uniquely designed technological innovation, Huber is not just a ground-breaking piece of gym equipment, but also a marvellous machine that improves posture. By increasing the density of the deep muscles surrounding the vertebrae with a unique proprioceptive and dynamic action, Huber offers improved posture, a slimmer figure and, above all, an increase in well-being and energy.


A sedentary lifestyle, stress, lack of exercise and bad posture accelerate the body's ageing process. The inconspicuous muscles of the spinal column, which underlie all our movements and are responsible for supporting and protecting the back, have a tendency to atrophy due to lack of use. The result: excess kilos, weak or lazy muscles, stiff joints and even persistent pain and balance problems. But thanks to Huber, these signs of ageing are no longer inevitable.


The technique

Consisting of a turntable programmed to oscillate, handles fitted with force sensors and a mobile pillar featuring an interactive screen allowing effort to be monitored, Huber is sure to impress! This innovative and futuristic-looking piece of equipment gently activates the deep muscles of the spinal column, as well as the entire muscle system: up to 80 muscles during one exercise. Thanks to its comprehensive and intelligent action (all muscle chains are activated), deep muscle growth frees the stomach, improves posture and relieves any potential pain.


The programme

A specific programme is created for each user depending on his or her desires and needs. A specially trained technician will assist you during the entire session, which lasts around 45 minutes, twice per week.


This technique yields excellent results in terms of aesthetics and anti-ageing as well as well-being: in particular, Huber can improve stance and gait for a younger look and a more attractive figure.

A personalized service

Tailored made treatments and cares

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