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Innovative Hair Implants without surgery!

Bio Hair Implant (BHI)

Biocompatible implants, unique because of their structure (monofilament), their physicochemical properties and their solidity, represent an elegant solution for overcoming hair loss in both women and men, whatever the cause. They also allow hair density and volume to be increased. This non-surgical treatment provides immediate and lasting results.


  • Androgenetic alopecia 
  • All scarring and non scarring alopecia
  • Fine hair
  • Covering scars on the scalp
  • Baldness



The BHI procedure is performed with a special implanter that hooks the bio-hair knots and inserts them one by one, generally under local anaesthetic, until the desired density is obtained. BHIs have the same chemical and physical properties as natural hair. It is for this reason that the risks of allergic reaction or rejection are virtually non-existent.



One or several sessions are required according to the number of implants decided on during the initial consultation.


  • Immediate increase in hair density.
  • Coverage of scars on the scalp.

Advantages of the technique

  • Immediate long-lasting results.
  • Bio-implants exist in over 20 colours, different lengths and 3 styles (straight, wavy and curly).
  • BHI are soft, bouncy, flexible but very strong.
  • They can be washed and styled just like natural hair.
  • The risks of allergic reaction or rejection are virtually non-existent.
  • The procedure is painless and does not require any recovery time
Did you know?

For hair loss problems, you can also check the Micro-Autologous Hair Implants method.

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