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Laser hair therapy

Innovative anti-hair loss laser therapy is an attractive alternative for women, for whom there is currently no satisfactory medical treatment, and men not wanting to take medication.


  • Hair thinning, breakage and loss in women and men.


The technique

Low-frequency laser alopecia therapy calls on cold red light applied with the aid of a rotating helmet, the surface of which is embedded with 30 evenly distributed diodes.
Scientific data indicates increased metabolism and cellular activity, which promote hair regeneration.


The programme

  • One session lasts 20 minutes. The whole procedure takes place over 12 months, with two weekly sessions the first three months, then increasingly less frequent sessions.


  • In addition to hair regeneration, hair loss stops in more than 80% of patients treated, and thicker hair is noticed in 40% to 60%. 
  • The success of the treatment also depends on how early treatment is commenced.

Advantages of the technique

  • Completely pain-free, no side effects, and non-surgical.
 Did you know?
  • This form of laser therapy does not work on so-called cicatricial alopecia, where the hair follicle has disappeared.
  • In some circumstances, slightly darker hair regrowth has been noted.
  • In a very few cases, some brief mild headaches have been reported.

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