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Laser Therapies

Laser treatment for verrucas

There is a laser treatment for every skin type. The surgical laser is ideal for the treatment of verrucas on the base of the foot and verrucas situated on other parts of the body such as those situated around the nail. This treatment suits verrucas that are very difficult to treat through classic treatment methods and respond very well to certain types of vascular laser. These treatments allow the re-growth of a healthy nail without the malformations which can result after a surgical treatment.


  • Verruca vulgaris (hands and feet).
  • Verrucas around the nail.
  • Verrucas that resist classic treatment. 


CO2 and Erbium lasers provide an abrasive action on the verrucas, layer by layer. This technique ensures very precise control of the depth of the action of the laser. The vascular laser is a good alternative treatment, which is less intrusive than others. It does not cause the formation of a scab. Light energy creates a subcutaneous coagulating effect on the vessels that irrigate the verruca. This treatment is generally carried out without anaesthesia, although a local anaesthetic can be used to ensure maximum comfort.


  • 4 treatments on average, depending on the type of verruca.
  • A single treatment can be sufficient.


  • Very good overall.
  • May be excellent, if the verruca responds well to treatment.

Advantages of the technique

  • Healing time is shorter compared to traditional surgical techniques.
  • No interruption to everyday or sports activities.
  • First choice treatment for verrucas around the nail.

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