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Laser Therapies

Laser treatment of angiomas

At the moment, vascular laser treatment is the most effective therapy for considerable improvement in the appearance of angiomas. This improvement may even constitute a complete cure. This treatment does not usually have any adverse effects on your professional or social life.


  • Facial angioma as well as angiomas on other parts of the body.


After applying a cooling agent on the skin, a laser light is distributed evenly over the entire surface to be treated. A short light pulse produces a transitional violet hue which disappears over the days following the intervention.



4 - 8 sessions (sometimes more) every 2 months.


  • Good to excellent.
  • Very good skin quality post-treatment.
  • Very few cases are resistant to laser treatment.

Advantages of the technique

  • Quick, out-patient treatment.
  • Anaesthetic not usually required.
  • Improved skin quality post-treatment.
Interesting facts
  • Exposure to sun/tanning equipment is not recommended prior to vascular laser treatment.
  • High sun protection is essential until the immediate post-treatment signs have disappeared (purple spotting and possible transitory oedema).
  • Camouflage foundation can be applied immediately post treatment.

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