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Laser Therapies

Laser Treatment of thread veins on the legs

Certain lasers and specific light sources permit an effective treatment of small and medium size telangiectasia and varicose veins on the inferior members, particularly of the bluish, purplish or greenish kind. The treatment is gentle and often makes it possible to avoid more invasive techniques, such as surgery. For those with a phobia of needles, this treatment can also replace sclerotherapy (treatment of the broken veins on the legs by sclerosing injections).


  • Unsightly broken and varicose veins on the inferior members (small and medium size).


Laser treatment provokes a photocoagulation of the broken veins. The operation can be carried out with or without anaesthesia, depending on the condition of the veins.


  • One to several sessions according to the number of veins to be treated and their condition.


  • Excellent on violet, blue and green coloured varicose veins.
  • Variable on red varicose veins.

Advantages of the technique 

  • Rapid and effective (few treatments necessary).
  • Gentle, non-invasive technique; no needles, no bleeding.
  • No surgery.
  • Practically no side effects.
Interesting facts
  • The impact of the laser can be felt, although this sensation is temporary.
  • The application of a cooling product to the skin constitutes an excellent anaesthetic.
  • Depending on the case, a complementary sclerotherapy treatment can be useful.
  • Results are excellent but not immediate.

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