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Laser Therapies

Laser treatments for rosacea and telangiectasia

The vascular laser is the optimal treatment for both rosacea and telangiectasia (red or purple vascular dilations) on the face, chest and other areas of the body. This technique can also be used on cherry angiomas, stellar angiomas or radiodermatitis.


  • Telangiectasia on the face and other areas of the body.
  • Erythrism (redness) of the face, neck and chest.
  • Various vascular problems (cherry angiomas, stellar angiomas…).
  • Radiodermatitis.



After applying a cooling product to the skin, a laser light is uniformly passed over the whole area to be treated, instantly eliminating unsightly and dilated blood vessels (ectasia).



1 to 3 treatments. Desired results often achieved from the first treatment.


  • Excellent and immediate results.
  • Very good skin quality post-treatment.

Advantages of the technique

  • Quick, out-patient treatment.
  • No anaesthetic required.
  • Noticeable improvement of skin quality post-treatment.
  • Patient can resume normal activities, with no recovery time.
Interesting facts
  • Exposure to sun/tanning equipment is not recommended prior to vascular laser treatment.
  • High sun protection is essential until the immediate post-treatment signs have disappeared (purple spotting and possible transitory oedema).
  • Camouflage foundation can be applied immediately post treatment.

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