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Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-ageing


The patient’s own fat (from a liposuction treatment, for example)is reinjected to restore volume to the cheeks and cheekbones or to correct cutaneous indentations or very deep lines or cracks, and can also used to give greater volume to the lips. This procedure can be used to reconstruct a face that has marked signs of ageing with tissue laxness or to reshape hands where the skin appears withered.


  • Augmentation for the cheeks, cheekbones and lips.
  • Filling of deep cutaneous depressions of the face (sunken cheeks after weight loss, residual acne scarring).
  • Filling of dilapidated cutaneous and sub cutaneous depressions (after surgery or steroid injections).
  • Reshaping of hands after weight loss.


After preparation of the fat by centrifuge according to a strict protocol, it is injected deeply or sub-cutaneously (intradermal).


To be established after a consultation with the specialist dermatologist at the Lémanic Clinic.


  • Excellent. We must make it clear that this procedure will only be performed by a specialist trained in these treatment methods.

Advantages of the technique

  • An improvement/result that lasts longer that classic reabsorbable fillers.
  • No risk of allergy.
  • Allows remodelling of extended cutaneous depressions.
Interesting facts
  • The method used in the Clinic Lémanic allows the aspiration and injection of fat on the same day.
  • In most cases the treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic.

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