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Micro Autologous Hair Implants (MICA™)

The Micro Autologous Hair Implants (MICA™) method involves extracting patient own hair under local anaesthetic from donor areas unaffected by alopecia (and where hair has better quality) to be transplanted where they are lacking. This method doesn't leave any visible scar (unlike the FUE method or sample strip used frequently in the past) and is performed entirely by our specialist doctor, who has 13 years’ experience in hair transplantation. The results are very natural and convincing, and it is practically impossible to tell that the person has hair implants.



This technique can be used with great success for men and women for:

  • Hair loss cases
  • Cover or increase density on an area
  • Beard implants
  • Eyebrow reconstruction
  • Scars treatments after chemical, surgical or radiation burns
  • Repair after bad outcomes from previous hair transplantations

There is no age or sex limitations howerver Afro type (very curly) hair can present a bit more complications. If wanted, the technique can be performed more than once according to the individual density' donor site.


The method

The technique is based on the use of very thin instruments, in order to extract one by one each hair follicles (0.08 mm) from the patients own donor site , which after proper care are transplanted on the thinning area, using specific and sur-mesure technique adapted to every case. This way we can have very big number of hair transferred without scars at the back of the head and at the same time the aesthetic result at the recipient site is so natural that no one would mention something unnatural on our patients head. During the last years we are able to offer mega sessions (4500-6000 hair) in less than 8 hours.


The program

The strategy that would be best fitting every single case is discussed and planned together with our experts and decided in a way that would best suit the patient needs.


The results

  • Increase hair density (visible results as on the first weeks)
  • Fast hair regrowth
  • Very natural and long lasting results

Benefits of the technic

  • Painless
  • Minimal invasive
  • No visible surgical scars
  • Absolutely natural results
  • Long lasting results
  • Can be repeated
  • Possibility to do very big cases in a single day
  • Our medical team is the most experienced all over Europe and America on this specific technique and can offer the best possible result in every case.

For hair loss problems, check also the Bio Hair Implants (BHI) method, a Swiss exclusivity at Clinic Lémanic.

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