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Anti-ageing and preventive medicine


Boost your youthfulness thanks to a combination of leading market technologies and the unique expertise of our specialists. Discover a range of personalised programmes complete with progress appointments following sessions.


  • Microcirculation optimisation
  • Vascular restoration
  • Heavy legs
  • Oedema
  • Body remodelling
  • Cellulite
  • Skin improvement (wrinkles and skin tone)


The technique

Synchronised to your heartbeat, the N.O.logy technique is based on the new science of mechanobiology. It produces a very quick succession of compressions and decompressions on the skin's surface, which trigger physiological effects deep down and, with time, beneficial and positive biological adjustments. Under the effects of this technique, the body reactivates the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the inner wall of the blood vessels. The NO molecules carried in the bloodstream then cause vasodilation in the entire venous system. In this manner, microcirculation is improved as a whole, and fluid balance and cellular regeneration are optimised.


The programme

Ten 30-minute sessions for 4 to 6 weeks are recommended in order to achieve lasting results.

A personalized service

Tailored made treatments and cares

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