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Intimate surgery

Nymphoplasty (labia minora reduction)

The hypertrophy of the labia minora or the excess development of the labia minora at the level of the vulva, can be at the origin of real physical discomfort and/or psychological embarrassment in the women. Nymphoplasty corresponds to the reduction of this surplus portion in order to obtain a more harmonious vulva and to compensate the functional discomfort.


  • Physical discomfort or even pain associated with rubbing of the labia minora during daily activities (clothing for example)
  • Physical discomfort or even pain during sports (cycling, horse riding)
  • Mechanical discomfort during sexual intercourse (e.g. invagination of a lip towards the inside of the vagina)
  • Aesthetic discomfort
  • Psychological embarrassment
  • Excess of the labia minora greater than 4 cm


The technique

This intimate surgery consists in treating both an excess of length and of the height of the labia minora. Generally carried out under local anesthesia, this procedure lasts less than one hour.

The method practiced by the specialists of the Clinic Lémanic uses techniques of invisible sutures in order to make the scar undetectable, thus avoiding frictions or irritations.


  • The labia minora regains its finesse and suppleness
  • Harmonization of the vulvae
  • Removal of discomfort


  • Immediate result (final result after 2 months)
  • Invisible scar
  • Natural rendering

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