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Laser Therapies

Permanent laser hair removal

Excellent results have been achieved in recent years with the use of laser technology in the field of hair removal. In just a few treatments, unsightly unwanted hair can be permanently removed.
Fast and generally painless, laser hair removal can be performed on practically any part of the face and body without exception, and now also on all skin types.

More and more men are also turning to laser treatment for beards (folliculitis), shoulders, the back and torso.


  • Hairs should be dark (on all the facial and body regions).


After the application of a cold gel, a laser light is passed over the area to be treated. The wave length of the laser ensures the destruction of the hair follicle by selective photothermolysis. The Clinic Lémanic uses the latest high performance lasers providing successful treatment for all skin types, pale, olive or black.

Technical improvements now allow rapid hair removal over large surfaces. After treatment, normal activities can be resumed.


  • For the body: on average 3 to 6 sessions, with 2 to 3 months interval between treatments.
  • For the face: on average 10 sessions, with 4 to 6 months interval between treatments.


  • Smoother softer skin noticeable from the first treatment. The number of hairs decreases after each session and the residual hairs are lighter in colour and finer.
  • Follicles and ingrown hairs (beard, bikini, legs) disappear after one or two treatments.
  • The skin improves after each treatment, simultaneous restructuring effect on subcutaneous tissue.

Advantages of the technique

  • Saves a considerable amount of time compared to other hair removal methods.
  • The treatments is almost painless.
  • Re-growth is extremely slow: no need for hair removal between treatments.
  • All zones on the face and body can be treated.
  • When used correctly, there is no risk of scarring with this technique.
Interesting facts
  • The best results are obtained on fair skins with dark hair growth.
  • Recent progress has made it possible to treat all kinds of skin types (fair to very dark).
  • At the moment, the results of treatment on white and blond hairs are disappointing.

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