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Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-ageing

Permanent make-up

Daisy – the art of permanent make-up

Daisy De Iaco is a pioneer in the field of permanent make-up in Switzerland. Over 20 years of experience, she has amassed expertise reputed by both professionals in the field and her clients. The technique she uses for permanent make-up and reconstructive make-up is a point of reference in the domain. She completely respects women's natural beauty by enhancing their qualities thanks to the radiant colours used and the perfection of her work.

Increased comfort for clients, the choice of high-range equipment, the use of market-renowned pigments – everything is done to ensure optimal results while adhering to strict hygiene regulations.




  • Anyone wanting to get rid of the need for daily make-up application.
  • Correction of certain birth defects, camouflaging scars or remedying the consequences of an accident or surgical procedure, such as nipple reconstruction.
  • Permanent make-up is ideal for uneven, sparse or lack of eyebrows, for asymmetrical or depigmented lip contours, and even in the event of impaired sight or heavy perspiration.


The technique 

The shape of the line is decided upon and drawn with a pencil beforehand, with the client's agreement. The pigments are inserted into the skin, but unlike a true tattoo, the permanent make-up only enters half a millimetre into the skin. The procedure is not very painful thanks to the anaesthetic cream applied beforehand.

The pigments used are guaranteed 100% natural; no risk of rejection or intolerance has been recorded to date. The shades used are in harmony with colouring and hair, and form harmonious lines.


The programme

Initial treatment takes place over 2 sessions, 1 month apart.

The pigment remains visible for around 3 years (5 years for eye-liner) and the quality of the chosen colour lasts for a year. Consequently, a retouch is required once per year (once every 2 years for eye-liner) to preserve the quality of the pigment. Please note that a darker pigment will last longer than a lighter pigment.


Natural or sophisticated, permanent make-up highlights every client's strengths while reducing their flaws. The aim is to enhance women so that the eternal feminine can continue to captivate.

Advantages of the technique

Natural and non-aggressive procedure.

Did you know?

It is highly recommended to take arnica before and after the procedure. Some slight irritation can occur, as well as some temporary bruising.

A personalized service

Tailored made treatments and cares

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