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Medical Dermatology

Skin tests

A skin assessment reveals the skin's real condition and its external and internal transformations, which are invisible to the naked eye. With the latest technologies, it is now possible to perform a scientific assessment of the skin by combining dermatological expertise with subcutaneous analysis and imagery equipment.





  • Personalised analysis of the skin's real condition
  • Prevention of skin ageing (wrinkles, brown spots)
  • Desire to improve skin's condition and quality

The technique

Following the specialist's analysis and diagnosis, different macroscopic factors affecting the skin of the face are analysed in detail by the innovative Visio (imagery equipment).
This skin assessment reveals the exact condition of the skin: pigmentation, redness, pore size, intensity of sebum secretion, the face contour area, wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, skin microprofile and level of skin hydration, as well as monitoring the outline of an unusual beauty spot.



This skin assessment provides a comprehensive and scientific appraisal of skin condition. The doctor analyses the data, compares it against the clinical state of the skin, establishes the patient's issues and recommends a treatment plan according to the skin's weak points. 

A personalized service

Tailored made treatments and cares

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