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Laser Therapies

Tattoo removal - Laser treatment

New generation lasers can achieve optimal results on amateur, professional, cosmetic and accidental tattoos. Furthermore, this updated technique does not leave unsightly residual scarring like that resulting from surgical or first generation laser removal procedures.


  • Amateur and professional tattoos.
  • Accidental tattoos.
  • Cosmetic tattoos (eyebrows, lip contour).


Trigger or Q-Switched lasers and wave lengths are used to administer this treatment. They are selected according to each individual case and the colour that needs to be treated. These factors ensure the tattoo is eliminated gradually and selectively by a sweeping action on the skin.


  • The number of treatments necessary for the ablation of a tattoo by laser is difficult to estimate. This depends on several factors such as pigment type, surface density, depth and age.
  • As a general guide, around 2 or 4 treatments are required for amateur tattoos and rarely less than 5 for a professional tattoo.


  • Results are excellent and fast for accidental tattoos (tar, splinters of powder…).
  • Results are generally excellent for amateur tattoos.
  • Excellent results for cosmetic tattoos, although a higher number of treatments is required (for lip contour tattoos for example).
  • Certain colours remain difficult to eradicate.
  • Very good quality of skin post treatment.

Advantages of the technique

  • The treatment is fast and requires no preparation.
  • All areas of the face and body can be treated.
  • No residual scarring (discreet textural and pigment changes are possible).

Interesting facts

  • Sun screen must be used until healing is complete.

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