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Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-ageing


This is a revolutionary bio-regenerating treatment, which combines a perfect balance of oriental medicine and state-of-the-art occidental techniques. This method produces outstanding results without pain or trauma to the body.


  • Significant reduction of mammary ptosis (drooping), characterised by a slackness of the skin
  • Loss of volume and a downward drooping of the nipple. This technique firms all the tissues which uphold the breast.



Where Chinese medicine talks of "chi" (energy flow), occidental science knows how to quantify the circulation by a low strength electric potential.

The bio-regenerator treatment measures this potential, compares it with its optimal value on a given zone and then calculates the correction needed before forcing the tissues to make that compensation, by stimulation by micro impulses– their amplitude varies between 60 and 600 mA, i.e. the same intensity as the cardiac current.

A probe equipped with small electrodes is passed over the body following the meridians defined in Chinese medicine. This measures the potential energy in the cells in the zones that need toning and then rebalances them using a series of micro pulses where the frequency and intensity are adjusted hundreds of times per second. An electrolyte gel is applied to the skin to optimise the correcting action. Remodelling of the cutaneous envelope improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage (eliminating toxins) while stimulating auto-regenerative mechanisms.



A full treatment of 12 sessions takes around 6 weeks. The evolution and progress of the treatment is measured with digital imagery.


  • A firming of the chest is visible from the first treatment.
  • The breasts become firm and full, and the nipple uplifted.
  • Wrinkles and unsightly folds fade even to the point of disappearing.

Advantages of the technique

  • Results are obtained without pain or surgery.
  • No bruising or convalescence; on the contrary, the skin is softer and smoother after each treatment.
  • State-of-the-art technology (combining biocybernetics and artificial intelligence) guaranteed by the German laboratory, Medilab, and conforming to EC medical standards.
  • Risk free treatments for all ages.
Interesting facts
  • The bio-regenerator produces noticeable results without any of the risks linked to the use non-reabsorbable filling products.

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