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Intimate surgery

Vaginoplasty - Vigina lifting

The vaginoplasty of narrowing or tightening of the vagina is an operation without surgery, which promises to give a second youth to your intimacy. The enlargement of the vagina is the consequence of the collapse of the perineal muscles which can be caused by pregnancy, childbirth or even age, and can directly affect the quality of sexual life. This procedure consists in tightening the posterior pillars of the vagina.


  • Sensation of vaginal laxity
  • Discomfort during physical activities
  • Loss of sensation during sexual intercourse
  • Aesthetic discomfort


The techniques

The vaginoplasty is performed under general or local anesthesia without hospitalization and lasts about one hour. It has three distinct objectives:


  • The tightening of the muscles of the perineum

In order to tighten the vaginal opening at the muscular level, the surgeon will strengthen the tissues of the pelvic floor between the vagina and the anus.


  • The narrowing of the entrance of the vagina

Thanks to a vaginoplasty, the surgeon closes the vagina in the bottom so that its opening is narrower and positioned at a higher level.


  • Rejuvenation of the vagina by Lipofilling or hyaluronic acid

In certain cases of vaginal relaxation, the vaginal entry can be reinforced by injections of fat (Lipofilling) or by specific insertion of hyaluronic acid into the tissues of the vagina in order to recreate the " cambered effect", thus restoring vitality and sensitivity to the vagina.


  • Tightening of the vagina muscle
  • Removal of physical and aesthetic discomfort
  • Improved sexual intercourse
  • More harmonious vulva
  • It can also relieve incontinence problems


  • Injection of fat or hyaluronic acid has an immediate effect
  • Long-term results
  • Invisible scar
  • Natural rendering

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