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Vestibulodynis treatment by botulin toxin infiltration

Clinic Lémanic is the first dermatological clinic in Switzerland that suggests the innovative technic based on the properties of the botulin toxin to treat this rare painful and not very well-known illness as vestibulitis.

This illness can be very handicapping for young women who suffer every day because of the pain in the area of the external genital organs.  This pain at the entrance of the vagina can prevent them from all sexual relationships.


These patients often cannot get understanding and do not know to whom get addressed.  Had being well studied by Dr Friedrich 50 years ago, nowadays this illness is hardly known. It has been since 10 years that Professor Humbert suggested the original treatment the efficiency of which is based on his long researches in this area.

He has arrived to the conclusion  that this illness is connected to the muscles dystonia and spasms and has suggested the usage to the botulin toxin to treat it.


  • Vulva pain related to the muscular dystonia
  • Vaginismus
  • Anal fissures
  • Vaginal fissures
  • Hyper transpiration of the genital organs



  • Infiltration of 100 units of the botulin toxin done by a doctor in the ischium-vaginal muscles one by one


This technic can be combined with the BIO FEED BACK physiotherapy


The results are prominent as the symptoms disappear in 10 days. The patient can have sexual relationships 3 weeks after and not being disturbed by the repeating spasms and pains.

The advantages of the technic

Contrary to the other treatments, this one is not invasive. The secondary effects are rare and pass away rapidly.

Interesting facts

Finally, it exists a treatment for this illness that can be very handicapping and disturbing physically and psychologically.

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