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La Crème

Uniting Swiss line’s time-proven skincare expertize and Lémanic’s know-how in terms of regenerative and youth-promoting therapies, LA CRÈME boasts a state-of-the-art formulation dressed in a cashmere texture… the ultimate experience of luxury!


LA CRÈME’s signature innovation targets the skin’s own cellular youth proteins. This complex is obtained from crystalline sap droplets collected by hand under a tree native to a single island. Extensive research* has shown that the oil extracted from these sap droplets can increase the synthesis of the Klotho protein. The Klotho protein is involved in a large number of signalling pathways leading to the re-establishment of ideal cellular function. It has also been shown to play a part in augmenting collagen synthesis, which contribute to a densifying effect on the skin.


Inspired by Lémanic’s own practices in the field of stem-cell autologous transplantation, yet using only plant-based stem-cell cultures, these unique extracts are apportioned with enhancing cellular energy, increasing ATP levels and promoting DNA repair. Derived from the partial hydrolysis of the extracellular matrix (cell wall) of cultured plant stem cells through a patented process, this natural blend of tripeptides and sugar molecules act in synergy towards positively affecting sirtuin expression.


The precious lipids found in the golden algae Laminaria ochroleuca build a defence system against dryness and exterior aggressors, and can thus contribute to the reduction of photo-induced aging, by helping to counteract inflammatory chain reactions induced by UV radiation.


Rich in naturally occurring sterols, argan oil is supremely moisturizing and nourishing. It has been found to help delay the signs of aging caused by dryness, as its vitamin E content bestows it with great antioxidant virtues. Argan trees are only found in Morocco along the Atlantic coastline. It is defined as a precious oil as 100kg of fresh fruits are needed to create just 2l of pure oil.


A multiplicity of amino acid derivatives replicates the lamellar structure of intercellular lipids to strengthen the epidermal barrier, helping improve the skin’s condition and ability to retain moisture; especially efficient in addressing mature skin needs.

*Research and testing secured by the research partner CODIF RECHERCHE ET NATURE using the oil obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction of sap droplets collected from the Pistacia lentiscus, tree, entirely native to the Island of Chios. Neither Swiss line nor Clinic Lémanic are in any way affiliated with Codif R&N.

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